this parachute is a knapsack

the city goes to bed and I can live inside my head

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Carey Mulligan

- Because she’s lovely.


There is no reason not to love every single part of your body.

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I just want a sugar daddy but instead of it being a rich older man, I want it to be Gillian Anderson

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Don’t you wanna come with me?

Don’t you wanna feel my bones
on your bones?
It’s only natural.
Don’t you wanna swim with me?

Don’t you wanna feel my skin
on your skin?
It’s only natural.

I love this bit because the les amis de l’abc (at least in the film version) have no idea Marius has met the girl of his dreams, fallen in love with her, lost her, and considered abandoning the fight to find her since they saw him last (like what? an hour before?), so when he comes in and and declares he has decided that he’s still with them and is going to stay and see it through they should all be like “yeah? we know?” but instead they’re all “oh thank god Marius we’re all so glad you worked out your inner turmoil, good 4 u”

Don’t mock people for the things that make them happy.

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I’m Arya. From House Stark.

I love the sheer panic on his face.

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etchings & roses pattern by sanderson

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It was always too hot to be in bed and I didn’t want to be anywhere else.

You tuck my hair behind my ear with the gentleness your mother taught you. You told me once it was like when you braced a bird’s wing by yourself at the age of 12. I told you I didn’t want to have hollow bones in the presence of a pre-teen.

We drink until we’re on the verge of losing each other in the haze of the dance floor — an even better reason to keep the other as close as possible.

We are somewhere between drunk and hopeless and you are the only thing tethering me to this side of “I’m okay.” You kiss me, full-force with a hand around the back of my neck, sighing into me on cobblestone streets.

Home, into the too-small bed and the too-small room and you kissing me with gin still on your lips and smoke in your mouth. You whisper “stay stay stay” into my neck, too drunk to realize you have always been the flight risk.

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